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Traitor’s Run (The Lenticular Series, book 1)

Traitor’s Run by Keith Stevenson

“A potent SF depiction of humanity victimizing peaceful aliens.” – Kirkus Reviews

Two outcasts. One goal. Stop Earth.

Earth’s Hegemony controls the surrounding alien civilisations with ruthless force. Its aim: dominate the galaxy to protect humanity.

On Earth, disgraced pilot Rhees Lowrans is thrust into a job she doesn’t want. She sees firsthand how the Hegemony will sacrifice anything – including her – to keep Earth safe.

In the Lenticular, Udun – one of the empathic Kresz – is on a secret mission when he learns of the Hegemony’s expansion into nearby space. But his warnings are ignored and the Hegemony invades his world and mutilates any Kresz who oppose them.

Can these two outsiders stand against the might of the Hegemony? And will the human race survive if they succeed?

“… wild and expansive, and just so utterly out there.’’ – Aurealis Magazine

“… space opera done as space opera should be done” – Richard Harland, award-winning author of Ferren and The Angel

“… weaves a complex and enticing web of future humanity, alien races, and murky motives …” – Mitchell Hogan, award-winning author of A Crucible of Souls

ISBN 978-0-6481975-5-3
352 pages


ISBN 978-0-6481975-6-0


Traitor’s Bargain (The Lenticular Series, book 2)

Traitor’s Bargain by Keith Stevenson

Who can a traitor trust?

Earth’s Hegemony controls the surrounding alien civilisations with ruthless force. Their aim: dominate the galaxy to protect humanity.

Horribly mutilated during the invasion of Homeworld, Udun escapes to seek help from the rest of the Lenticular. Instead he becomes a fugitive and hatches a desperate plan to travel to the Hegemony in search of allies. 

Left for dead on the Maagba battlecruiser, Rhees flees Human space and finds a powerful new alien species determined to stop the Hegemony. But can she trust them? And can she prevent humanity being destroyed if they succeed? 

And on Udun’s Homeworld, the Hegemony kills and maims more innocent Kresz and turns its gaze on the rest of the Lenticular.

Praise for The Lenticular

“Space Opera done right. Intelligent, thrilling with heart.” – Trent Jamieson, award-winning author of The Stone Road

ISBN 978-0-6457466-0-0
352 pages


ISBN 978-0-6457466-1-7


The Lenticular Series: Traitor’s Run Merchandise

Celebrate the start of The Lenticular Series with these beautiful and functional items featuring the Traitor’s Run cover art.

We’ll be releasing more items focusing on the art of The Lenticular Series with the release of Traitor’s Bargain and Traitor’s War.

Visit the Merch section of our online store.


Horizon by Keith Stevenson

Murder and betrayal in deep space, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance…

Thirty-four light years from Earth, the explorer ship Magellan is nearing its objective – the Iota Persei system. But when ship commander Cait Dyson wakes from deepsleep, she finds her co-pilot dead and the ship’s AI unresponsive. Cait works with the rest of her multinational crew to regain control of the ship, until they learn that Earth is facing total environmental collapse and their mission must change if humanity is to survive.

As tensions rise and personal and political agendas play out in the ship’s cramped confines, the crew finally reach the planet Horizon, where everything they know will be challenged.

“Refreshingly plausible, politically savvy, and full of surprises, Horizon takes you on a harrowing thrill-ride through the depths of space and the darkness of the human heart.” – Sean WilliamsNew York Times bestselling author of the Astropolis and Twinmaker series

“Crackling science fiction with gorgeous trans-human and cybernetic trimmings. Keith Stevenson’s debut novel soars.” – Marianne De Pierres, award-winning author of the Parrish Plessis, Sentients of Orion and Peacemaker series

ISBN 978-0-6481975-4-6
382 pages


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Pyrotechnicon (illustrated edition)

Pyrotechnicon – Being the true account of Cyrano de Bergerac’s further adventures among the states and empires of the stars
by Adam Browne

Cyrano de Bergerac: lover, poet, inventor, swordsman — man of ferocious blade and pretty talent. Now it can be told: his final, most daring adventure — a fight to the death against the dread Master of Secrets, with the life of his beloved Roxane in the balance.

‘A rich dessert of a novel, filled with finely crafted wit and adventure — Adam Browne has resurrected Cyrano in fine form. Delightful!’ Greg Bear — Hugo and Nebula award-winning science fiction author

‘The title does not mislead. PYROTECHNICON is a literary cabinet of curiosities filled with lush imagery and exotic notions. A delicious concoction of swashbucklery and delight. Highly recommended.’ Jeff Vandermeer — World Fantasy award-winning author of Finch.

ISBN 978-0-9871587-2-7
264 pages


ISBN 978-0-9871587-3-4


X6 – a novellanthology

X6 – a novellanthology
Margo Lanagan, Paul Haines, Terry Dowling, Trent Jamieson, Cat Sparks, Louise Katz, Keith Stevenson (editor)

Featuring Margo Lanagan’s World Fantasy Award winning ‘Sea-Hearts’, the multi-award winning ‘Wives’ by Paul Haines and original works by Terry DowlingTrent JamiesonCat Sparks and Louise Katz, journey beyond the borders of the real with six novellas from the most exciting speculative fiction authors working in Australia today.

A Locus Magazine ‘Recommended Read’ of 2009. ‘in the race for the “Best Anthology of The Year” title’ Gardner Dozois — Locus Magazine.

Winner – World Fantasy Award for best novella – ‘Sea-Hearts’ by Margo Lanagan
Winner – Aurealis Award for Horror Short Fiction – ‘Wives’ by Paul Haines
Winner – Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novella – ‘Wives’ by Paul Haines
Winner – Ditmar Award for Best Novella – ‘Wives’ by Paul Haines

ISBN 978-0-646-51035-4
640 pages


ISBN 978-0-9871587-4-1


Anywhere But Earth

Anywhere But Earth
Keith Stevenson (editor)

Twenty-nine all new science fiction stories of humanity’s adventures out there, anywhere but Earth. Featuring original works by Margo LanaganSean McMullenRichard Harland and Kim Westwood among a galaxy of new and established Australian and overseas speculative fiction authors.

‘Keith Stevenson has done it again. Sit down, buckle up, you’re heading off world now – trust me, it’s going to hurt, but you won’t regret it.’ Trent Jamieson — award-winning author of the Death Works and The Nightbound Land series.

Features the Aurealis Award winning SF short story ‘Rains of La Strange’ by Robert Stephenson.

ISBN 978-0-9871587-0-3
730 pages


ISBN 978-0-9871587-1-0



c0ck – adventures in masculinity
Keith Stevenson and Andrew Macrae (edtiors)

Features Paul Haines’s Ditmar award-winning novella ‘The Devil in Mr Pussy’ and his disturbing short story ‘Father Father’.

A decidedly original collection of Australian speculative fiction. Just what does it mean to be a man now, in the future, the past, other realities? Find the answer in eleven all new stories by Lucy SussexRichard HarlandGeoffrey MaloneyStephen DedmanChris LawsonCat SparksRobert HoodAdam Browne and John DixonJacinta Butterworth, and Paul Haines.

‘A brilliant debut collection.’ Orb Magazine



annual collections

D6 Annual Collection 2020

Our seventh and final annual collection with all new stories from Ben Peek, Joanne Anderton, Simon Petrie, J. Ashley-Smith, Deborah Sheldon, Tais Teng, Damir Salkovic, Charlotte Platt, Dominic Teague and Amber Hayward.



D6 Annual Collection 2019

Our sixth annual collection with all new stories from Cat Sparks, Jason Fischer, Mark Barnes, Deborah Sheldon, Aiki Flinthart, David Levell, Peter Ninnes, Chris Barnham, Matan Elul, and Michael McGlade.



D6 Annual Collection 2018

Our fifth annual collection features  original fiction from Mark T Barnes, Trent Jamieson, Emilie Collyer, Shauna O’Meara, Robert Stephenson, Ephiny Gale, Mark Webb, David Coleman, Doug Bost and Adele Gardner.



D6 Annual Collection 2017

Our fourth annual collection features  original fiction from Rjurik Davidson, Craig Cormick, Nathan Burrage, Simon Petrie, J Ashley Smith, Bryce Stevens, Natalie Potts, Robert Stephenson, Paul Speller and Paul Stephanus.



D6 Annual Collection 2016

Our third annual collection features  original fiction from Emilie Collyer, Simon Petrie, Thoraiya Dyer, Matt Wesolowski, Zoe Harland, Matthew Cropley, Barry Charman, Jeremy Szal, Jeff Suwak and Dustin Adam.



D6 Annual Collection 2015

Our second annual collection features  original fiction from Jason Fischer, Bren MacDibble, Chris McMahon, Steve Cameron, David McDonald, SG Larner, Jen White and Jessica May Lin.



D6 Annual Collection 2014

Journey beyond the borders of the real with our first annual collection of stories appearing in Dimension6 magazine, with all new stories from some of the best speculative fiction authors working in Australia today including Richard Harland, Dirk Strasser, Jason Nahrung, Alan Baxter, Robert Hood, Cat Sparks, Robert N Stephenson, Steve Cameron and Charlotte Nash.



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