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Download Dimension6 our free and DRM-free electronic magazine of Australian speculative fiction.

Dimension6 is published three times a year on the first Friday in April, July and October.

Issue 21 – our final issue

‘Human Error’ by Joanne Anderton
Used up and worn out. Machines and people. We’re all the same in the end.

‘The Wilding’ by Amber Hayward
Selva was meant to be a paradise for the colonists. It didn’t work out.

‘The Black Massive’ by J. Ashley-Smith
Existential dread comes in all forms. Including pills.

D6 #21 epub 

D6 #21 mobi

Issue 20

‘Mouthbreathers’ by Simon Petrie
A passionate pash this is not.

‘Two Way’ by Charlotte Platt
Lisa was running from an abusive relationship. She found help where you’d least expect.

‘According to Panoptes’ by Dominic Teague
The Ark of Eucenegis carried all that was left of the population of Mydella. This is their story, according to Panoptes.

‘Andrei Tarkovsky’ by Ben Peek
This never happened. Not here. Not yet.

D6 #20 epub 

D6 #20 mobi

Issue 19

‘Barralang, pop. 63’ by Deborah Sheldon
Barralang is a place where hope comes to die.

‘Riders on The Storm’ by Tais Teng
Sirriac’s life changed when the dust devil followed him home.

‘Cargo’ by Damir Salkovic
The capsule recovery was just another job for Calhoun. It would be his last.

D6 #19 epub

D6 #19 mobi

Issue 18

‘The Tea and Sugar Train’ by Deborah Sheldon
Nullarbor. A plain where nothing lives. Nothing living, that is.

‘Jack Hammer’s Last Stand’ by Michael McGlade
Muteys and robos know to stay out of Jack Hammer’s way, But even Jack has a weakness.

‘Pigshit and Gold’ by Aiki Flinthart
The longer you live, the more war you see. And Haldora has seen much more than she cares to. Shortlisted for an Aurealis Award

D6 #18 epub

D6 #18 mobi

Issue 17

‘Posse Comitatus’ by Jason Fischer
It was the perfect crowd control mechanism right up until it wasn’t.

‘The Sirens’ Secret’ by David Levell
Much has been written about the Sirens, but the truth is stranger.

‘The Role Model’ by Peter Ninnes
Erica needed to find an inspirational heroine. A cave in Nagano was didn’t seem a likely spot.

‘The Eviction of Willa Coventry’ by Mark T Barnes
Demon hunting was hard work, especially if you were close to pushing up the daisies yourself.

D6 #17 epub

D6 #17 mobi

Issue 16

‘Vincent’s Penny’ by Chris Barnham
Sebastian took Vincent’s penny, and almost lost his soul.

‘You Will Remember Who You Were’ by Cat Sparks
Ghandi said, ‘A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.’ We’re hosed. Shortlisted for an Aurealis Award

‘Our House’ by Matan Elul
It was a year since Amorth’s wife had died. Would he ever be free of her?

D6 #16 epub 

D6 #16 mobi

Issue 15

‘Zodiac’ by Mark Barnes
She was the only living woman in the Never Never. They didn’t stand a chance.

‘Easy Like Arsenic’ by Ephiny Gale
This ‘once upon a time’ is nothing like the others.

‘The Shaming’ by David Coleman
Never question a Scrutineer. Ever. But Rosie would.

D6 #15 epub 

D6 #15 mobi 

Issue 14

‘#WhiteWitch’ by Shauna O’Meara
Facing danger at the top of the world? You need #WhiteWitch.

‘All in Green’ by Adele Gardner
Rappo and Finn were joined in life like no-one else. But what if one should face death?

‘In The Nexsphere’ by Doug Bost
It’s the next big thing in tech. Maybe you should read the user manual first.

‘The Giant’s Servant’ by Trent Jamieson
Did you know giants come in all shapes and sizes?

D6 #14 epub 

D6 #14 mobi

Issue 13

‘Reckoning’ by Emilie Collyer
The Earth was broken. Gia was broken. Could they save each other?

‘The Reclaimers’ by Mark Webb
Wizard garbage disposers – the pay stinks but the hours… yeah, they’re pretty bad too.

‘Water for Antiques’ by Robert Stephenson
Dravid couldn’t believe his luck. Maybe he was right not to.

D6 #13 epub

D6 #13 mobi

‘The Curious Child’ by Paul Speller
Cats are not the only things that shouldn’t be too curious.

‘Correlation’ by Paul Stephanus
Perspective is everything, even when it comes to garbage disposal.

‘The Gods of Mwaia’ by Bryce Stephens
Renai just wanted some land for his family; he nearly lost everything.

D6 #12 epub

D6 #12 mobi

‘Remnants’ by Nathan Burrage
shortlisted for a 2017 Aurealis Award – Best Fantasy Novella
Stealing his sister from the Ottoman invader seems like an act of desperation by Dumitru. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

‘November 31st is World Peace Day’ by Simon Petrie
Time-travelling flying cars, kidnappings, fights, the end of blister packs as we know them and a ravening Allosaur. Not much ‘peace’ to be found here.

‘Rescue’ by Robert Stephenson
When you co-own a space freighter with an Artificial Intelligence, you can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, well you just might find…

‘Duplicity’ by J Ashley Smith
shortlisted for a 2017 Aurealis Award – Best Fantasy Short Story
There are worse things than being two-faced in this world.

D6 #11 epub

D6 #11 mobi

‘The Other City’ by Rjurik Davidson
It was the time of life when everything falls apart. He had to get out of the city. But where would he end up?

‘Glide’ by Natalie Potts
honourable mention – Best Horror of the Year 2017 – Ellen Datlow
There are lots of species of Australian fauna that want to kill you. We just found one more.

‘The Seven Voyages of Captain Cook’ by Craig Cormick
Cook was a Company man on a voyage of exploration. The son that accompanied him was dead. And wanted him dead too.

D6 #10 epub

D6 #10 mobi

‘The Plastinarium’ by Zoë Harland
Students of necromancy should really take more care…

‘All the Colours of the Tomato’ by Simon Petrie
Out among the stars we need to learn to see with different eyes.
shortlisted – Aurealis Awards for best SF Novella of 2016

‘The Widow in the Woods’ by Barry Charman
Jakob lost one family member to the widow. He would not lose another.

D6 #9 epub

D6 #9 mobi

‘Trollkyrka’ by Matt Wesolowski
Like any religion, the troll church demands its sacrifices.

‘Bronze Gods’ by Jeremy Szal
Some who volunteer for the Steel Legion’s work never return.

‘Small Fish’ by Matthew Cropley
Is there honour among thieves in the city of Caravor? Not likely…

‘Going Viral’ by Thoraiya Dyer
Nila’s plan to trick her mother and giver her the granddaughter she yearns for isn’t exactly simple, but what could possibly go wrong?
shortlisted – Aurealis Awards for best SF Novella of 2016

D6 #8 epub

D6 #8 mobi

‘In the Slip’ by Emillie Colyer
O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!

‘Guitarrista’s Lament’ by Jeff Suwak
A Guitarrista’s life is full of laughter and sadness, more of each than most people know.

‘Preservation of Faith’ by Dustin Adams
Touching God can get you killed.

D6 #7 epub

D6 #7 mobi

‘Everything is a Graveyard’ by Jason Fischer
Post-apocalyptic V8s in a ruined Adelaide destroyed by prehistoric drop bears. What more do you need to know?

The Orchid Nursery – extract by Louise Katz
A specially edited extract of the new novel from Louise Katz, described by Cat Sparks as, ‘A superbly crafted vision of a toxic cultural wasteland’.

‘Lodloc and The Bear’ by Steve Cameron winner 2015 Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novella

Childhood imaginings don’t normally have the habit of knocking on your door…

D6 #6 epub

D6 #6 mobi

‘Going Home Sideways’ by SG Larner
They say you can never go home. But maybe they’re wrong…

‘Red in Tooth and Claw’ by David McDonald
Could a single human be a match for the hostile environment of the planet Hope?

‘The Pass’ by Jessica May Lin
Grandfather protected the children who lived in the strawberry fields from the monsters. But now he was growing old and weak.

D6 #5 epub

D6 #5 mobi

‘Dark History’ by Jen White
Urban archeology isn’t meant to be this scary, is it?

‘Time Pump’ by Chris McMahon
Marooned in the icy wastes of planet X31, it’s only a matter of hours until MacPherson freezes to death…

‘Tooth’ by Bren MacDibble
Backpacker horror a toothsome treat? Look no further.

D6 #4 epub

D6 #4 mobi

‘Shark-God Covenant’ by Robert Hood  shortlisted for an Australian Horror Writers’ Award
You never make a deal with the Devil. But what about the child of a god?

‘The Last of The Butterflies’ by Steve Cameron
Let me tell you a story about when I was young and the world was a very different place.

‘New Chronicles of Andras Thorn’ by Cat Sparks
Just like his uncle, Andras Thorn wanted adventure and excitement. Unfortunately he found it.

D6 #3 epub

D6 #3 mobi

‘At Dawn’s Speed’ by Dirk Strasser
Swift and her tribe have been running their whole lives, because the touch of the sun brings the ‘silvering’.

‘Upon a Distant Shore’ by Alan Baxter
Astronaut Anatoly Novikov wanted a mission that would inscribe his name on the ages. Finally he got one.

‘He Ain’t Dead’ by Robert N Stephenson
It’s simple really. Don’t mess with native American burial mounds.

D6 #2 epub

D6 #2 mobi

‘Ryder’ by Richard Harland
Sent from bustling Sydney to boring country NSW during World War I, life is undeniably dull for Sally. Until she meets Ryder.

‘The Message’ by Charlotte Nash
On a future Earth ravaged by the Event, a soldier with a terrifying secret must travel behind enemy lines.

‘The Preservation Society’ by Jason Nahrung
For the undead, blood is more than sustenance. It’s a connection to the memory of life.

D6 #1 epub

D6 #1 mobi

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