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Always – Trent Jamieson, … They First Make Mad – Keith Stevenson, Come to Daddy – Brendan Duffy

Terra Incognita Speculative Fiction
Always - Trent Jamieson, ... They First Make Mad - Keith Stevenson, Come to Daddy - Brendan Duffy

The 2009 Christmas Special

‘Always’ is previously unpublished.

‘… They First Make Mad’ appeared in Agog! Fantastic Fiction (Agog! Press)

‘Come to Daddy’ appeared in Agog! Smashing Stories (Agog! Press)

Trent Jamieson – Brisbane SF writer – has sold over sixty short stories and won the 2005 Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction Short Story (‘Slow and Ache’), and the 2008 Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Short Story (‘Cracks’). His short story collection Reserved for Travelling Shows was published in 2006. Trent recently sold a series, Death Works, to Orbit UK, US and Australia. Trent has taught creative writing at QUT and Clarion South, and worked as fiction editor of Redsine magazine.

Keith Stevenson does lots of stuff – publishing, editing, podcasting, book reviewing. But what he really likes to do is write. He’s had stories published in Aurealis Magazine, Agog! Fantastic Fiction and Oceans of the Mind.

Brendan Duffy is the Aurealis Awards winner for science fiction short stories in 2003 and 2004, with ‘Louder Echo’ and ‘Come to Daddy’. ‘Louder Echo’ was also selected for Hartwell & Cramer’s Year’s Best Fantasy 4, and ‘The Tale of Enis Cash, Smallgoods Smokehand’ was selected for Congreve & Marquardt’s Year’s Best Australian SF & Fantasy 2004. He is a graduate of the inaugural Clarion South speculative fiction writers’ workshop of 2004, and was awarded an Australia Council for the Arts emerging writer’s grant in 2004. He was also nominated for Best New Talent Ditmar Award (2003 and 2004), Best Novella Ditmar Award (2004), Best Fantasy Short Story Aurealis Award (2003), and the Pushcart Prize (2004).

Brendan is currently writing a novel set in 16th century Italy, based on the secret life of the renaissance scientist and playwright, Giambattista della Porta.

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