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coeur de lion print and ebook formatting services

By engaging coeur de lion for formatting services, you agree to the following terms:

1                       Property Rights

All copyright in the manuscript remains the property of the author.

coeur de lion publishing’s involvement with the book is completed once it has delivered the formatted files to the author. coeur de lion publishing is not responsible for or involved in uploading, marketing, distributing, selling or promoting the book.

2                       Author’s Warranty

The author warrants the manuscript submitted to coeur de lion publishing is their own creation and does not infringe any third-party rights.

The author understands that they are responsible for obtaining rights clearance for the use of any quoted material.

coeur de lion publishing does not provide legal advice and the author understands they must obtain their own legal advice that the material presented does not infringe any third-party rights and does not include anything that is unlawful, including material that is defamatory or obscene.

3                       Services and fees

coeur de lion publishing will provide formatting services as requested by the author, for which the author agrees to pay coeur de lion publishing the fixed fee listed on the formatting page or otherwise quoted to the author in the case of books containing multiple images.

4                       Payment

coeur de lion publishing will invoice the author by email at the completion of each contracted formatting service.

The author agrees to pay coeur de lion publishing for the service/s provided as per the following payment structure:

100% of the service fee on completion of each service and receipt of invoice.

Payment terms are within 21 days of receipt of invoice, and payments to be made via electronic funds transfer or cheque (account details included on invoice).

5                       Liability

coeur de lion publishing guarantees the quality of formatting services provided to the author.

If formatted files provided by coeur de lion publishing are found to be faulty, please contact coeur de lion publishing within 30 days of receiving the files and replacement files will be provided at no additional cost.

To the maximum extent permitted by law and except for the express written terms of this agreement, all other express or implied terms, conditions, warranties, statements, assurances and representations in relation to the services or arising from these terms are expressly excluded. However, if any of the exclusions or limitations set out in this clause are declared illegal or void or if there has been a breach of a term, condition, warranty, statement or assurance which cannot be excluded by this agreement, then, to the extent permitted by law, coeur de lion publishing’s entire liability and the author’s exclusive remedy is limited to, at coeur de lion publishing’s discretion, the replacement of the service or the supply of equivalent services.

In no event will coeur de lion publishing (including its agents, employees or contractors) be liable for any: (a) direct loss; or (b) indirect or consequential loss (even if coeur de lion publishing is aware of the possibility of such loss or if such loss was otherwise foreseeable), including, but not limited to, loss of profits, production, data, opportunity or goodwill; or business interruption, however caused and on any theory of liability, including without limitation, contract or tort (including negligence or otherwise) arising during and/or as a result of coeur de lion publishing’s performance or non-performance of this agreement.

6                       Indemnity

coeur de lion publishing’s responsibility is limited to notifying the author (in line with the scope of the services provided) of any unresolved formatting issues before the work proceeds to the next stage of production. The author agrees to indemnify coeur de lion publishing (including our agents, employees or contractors) from any and all claims including legal fees arising out of, or related to, any breach of the author’s warranties under this agreement or any breach of this agreement.

7                       Termination

This agreement may be terminated by any party for any reason, including if any party fails to remedy any breach of this agreement, within 14 days of a party giving notice to do so. Any termination is without prejudice to any accrued obligations or liabilities.

8                       Applicable Laws and Dispute Resolution

The terms of this agreement shall be interpreted according to the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

The parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of NSW.

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