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The Lenticular Series

Traitor’s Run, book 1 of the Lenticular series is now available for pre-order with a publication date of 1 October 2023.

Two outcasts. One goal. Stop Earth.

Earth’s Hegemony controls the surrounding alien civilisations with ruthless force. Its aim: dominate the galaxy to protect humanity.

On Earth, disgraced pilot Rhees Lowrans is thrust into a job she doesn’t want. She sees firsthand how the Hegemony will sacrifice anything – including her – to keep Earth safe.

In the Lenticular, Udun – one of the empathic Kresz – is on a secret mission when he learns of the Hegemony’s expansion into nearby space. But his warnings are ignored and the Hegemony invades his world and mutilates any Kresz who oppose them.

Can these two outsiders stand against the might of the Hegemony? And will the human race survive if they succeed?

Praise for The Lenticular Series

A potent SF depiction of humanity victimizing peaceful aliens. The author’s gift for xenofiction matches that of genre grandmasters like Hal Clement, Larry Niven, and C.J. Cherryh

Kirkus Reviews

… wild and expansive, and just so utterly out there.

Aurealis Magazine

This is space opera done as space opera should be done! A vast panorama across many planets and many species, with wars, intrigues and intergalactic politics, exotic forms of space travel, martial arts action—and blasters! Humans are there in the mix but, as a species, they don’t make a very good impression. The focus shuttles effortlessly between events on the very largest scale and personal narratives of love and resentment, belonging and isolation, loyalty and betrayal. For all lovers of space opera, Traitor’s Run is a must read.

Richard Harland, award-winning author of Ferren and The Angel

Stevenson weaves a complex and enticing web of future humanity, alien races, and murky motives in Traitors Run. As each story progresses, more and more facets of this incredible universe are revealed, and the scope of imagination and wordplay drives the compelling narrative forward. By the end you’ll wonder whether you would have the courage to do what’s right, and you won’t look at humanity the same way again.

Mitchell Hogan, award-winning author of A Crucible of Souls
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