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One of the first Australian speculative fiction podcasts, Terra Incognita ran from November 2008 to May 2011, featuring authors reading their published short fiction. The series is available on iTunes and archived by the National Library of Australia.

You can stream each podcast on the players below or download each show by clicking on their page link.

The Devil in Mr Pussy – Paul Haines
The Bride Price – Cat Sparks and Blood Drunk – Adam Browne
The Slimelight and How to Step Into It – Robert Hood
The Little Demon – Louise Katz
A Longing for The Dark – Sean Williams
Nightship – Kim Westwood
Souls Along The Meridian – Bill Congreve
Smoking, Waiting for The Dawn – Jason Nahrung
Slow and Ache – Trent Jamieson
Special Perceptions – Richard Harland
A Louder Echo – Brendan Duffy
Aleph Mem Tav – Miranda Siemienowicz
Hush – Deborah Biancotti
Always – Trent Jamieson, … They First Make Mad – Keith Stevenson, Come to Daddy – Brendan Duffy
In The Bookshadow – Marianne De Pierres
Beast Machine Fableaux – Matthew Chrulew
Under the Red Sun – Ben Peek
For Want of a Jesusman – Jason Fischer
Flower and Weed – Margo Lanagan
Black Dog – Peter Ball
Fleshy – Tansy Rayner Roberts
The Fear of White – Rjurik Davidson
Black and Bitter, Thanks – Nathan Burrage
Father Muerte and The Flesh – Lee Battersby
Podcast – Simon Petrie
In From The Snow – Lee Battersby and Undead Camels Ate Their Flesh – Jason Fischer
Bats – Jane Routley
The Duchess of Newcastle – Lucy Sussex
Like a Bug Underfoot – Chuck McKenzie
Alien Tears – Wendy Waring
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